Intoximeters breath alcohol instruments are engineered to display common Alco-Sensor error codes when a problem arises. For the most part, Alco-Sensor instruments are designed to provide accurate results time after time. However, there may be occasional instances where the instrument cannot provide a result or correctly process a breath sample because of an internal problem in the instrument. The good news is that the instruments will provide diagnostic information in the form of an error code that will help the user determine the cause of the problem.

Furthermore, some common Alco-Sensor error codes encountered can be corrected on the spot, avoiding the need to send the instrument in for repair, saving you time and money.

The Set button must be done before a test can be administered. Replace with a new 9V alkaline battery. However, if this does not fix the problem it could indicate a deeper problem with the circuit board or battery connectors and the instrument would have to be sent in for evaluation and repair. This could indicate a weak fuel cell. If this does not fix it then the instrument will need to be sent in for evaluation and repair. Press it down to lock into place and the test will continue.

Send the instrument in for evaluation and repair. This could be caused by a number of factors; send the instrument in for evaluation and repair. The breath intake manifold is not working properly and needs to be replaced. However, please note that a manual sample may still be taken. Move the Alco-Sensor IV to area without radios, cell phones or other sources of radio waves and re-attempt test.

If it persists send the instrument in for evaluation and repair. If it persists it could indicate a problem with the breath manifold. Replace with new AA batteries Alkaline for best results. However, if this does not fix the problem it could indicate a deeper problem with the circuit board or battery connectors and would have to be sent in for evaluation and repair. The fuel cell is not clear of residual alcohol from prior test, or the device has detected foreign matter in the fuel cell.

Turn off the instrument and let it rest for a few minutes before attempting to test again. If this does not fix the problem send the instrument in for evaluation and repair. Instruct the subject to blow a little more forcefully. Allow adequate time for the instrument to warm up. If the instrument will not come to operating temperature try moving the instrument to a warmer room, if the current room is very cold. Send the instrument for evaluation and repair if the problem persists. A recommended factory recertification is due.

Instruct the subject on the proper way to blow. Visit our troubleshooting page for more information on common and not so common Alco-Sensor error codes and proper troubleshooting techniques. Alco-Sensor Troubleshooting. Will not clear, changed battery yes I know, low batt is but I did so anyways. Hello Deputy Silverstein. My tech dept. It could be a problem with the circuit board at that point.Siemens dishwasher e1 error.

NTC thermistor does not function. Thermistor located inside the heater is faulty. Inspect and replace the thermal sensor. The sensor monitors the amount of dirt on the dishes in order to save water on additional rinsing. To continue the wash you will need a serviceable part.

The fan, responsible for drying the dishes, is not functioning. To resume the drying process, you will need to inspect and repair the fan. Due to the small pressure in the system, the circulation pump cannot run water properly.

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The heater does not turn on. The pressure switch may have failed. Wait until the pressure is normal. Install a new pressure switch. The integrity of drying is violated. The problem requires professional help.

Address the service center.

e21 code

Perhaps the temperature exceeds the normal value, if the appliance is connected to hot water. Otherwise, the thermistor does not function. Despite of the fact that working impulses reach the circulation pump, the sensor does not see them. You need to inspect and replace the part. This error occurs when the overflow sensor in the base of the dishwasher detects high level of water there.

Once the float reaches a critical point, it triggers the pump to get rid of the water. However, it only pumps water out of where the washing process takes place, not from the base. Therefore, you will have to remove water manually, and the error code will be there until you find the exact place where a leak has occurred and do it up. Also, this may occur due to air bubbles accumulating in the system and inhibiting water flow. Tilt the machine back and forth to remove air bubbles and free the float.

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The code tells the user that the cycle will end after draining, so there is no need to disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply.Fault: Door cannot be opened, even though the appliance has been switched off and on again.

Fault: Programme continues running, even though the appliance has been switched off and on again. Fault: Appliance cannot be operated. Fault: Programme does not start. Possible cause: Programme has already started; when a programme has started, the clock cannot be set. Possible cause: The setting has switched from hours to minutes; both selection points have the same text.

Fault: Water does enter the machine or detergent is not washed away. Action: Do not open the door, as water may run out! When the appliance has been completely drained, the washing can be removed.

Fault: Washing solution is not completely drained. Possible cause: This is not a fault. The imbalance compensation system is attempting to balance the load through repeated spins. Possible cause: Large items of clothing became entangled and could not be distributed evenly in the drum.

For reasons of safety the high—speed spin cycle was automatically suppressed. Siemens Washing Machine Cleaning the drain pump. This is necessary if the washing solution has not been completely drained. The pump is blocked by either loose debris or fluff which accumulates if fluff-giving fabrics are washed.

e21 code

Caution: Descaling agents contain acids which can attack parts of the washing machine and disoolour the laundry. Washing Machine. Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes. Prev Article Next Article. Siemens Washing Machine Control Panel. Cleaning water inlet strainers.

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Please, inform us about the error codes that you cannot find in the article. One Response avr September 3, Add Comment Cancel reply.Electrolux represents one of the trademarks of the concern that was established in the and gave the name to the transnational corporation. It belongs to hundred biggest firms of the planet. Its impeccable quality exits for many decades and remains the main part of the success of the Electrolux production. Electrolux washer error codes are a part of its program of the quality maintenance.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Fault Codes

The system of Electrolux washer error codes allows accurately revealing malfunctions and doing repairs. Electrolux basic washers are reliable and efficient, while the newer models offer a number of advanced options, like Fast Wash, LuxCare, and Perfect Steam. Open the water tap. Filter in screw connection of the inlet hose is blocked.

Close the water tap. Unscrew the hose from the tap, remove the filter and clean under running water Water tap is blocked with limescale or is faulty Check the water tap and have it repaired if necessary. The fault code E20 error solution e20 appears. The washing is not sufficiently spun. Water is left in the drum.

Drain hose is kinked. Remove the kink. Maximum pump head discharge height 1m from the appliance's base is exceeded. Contact your local Service Force Centre. For pumping heights over 1m a conversion kit is available as a special accessory.

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Drain pump is blocked. Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Clean the drain pump The fault code E40 appears. Close the door correctly. Start the programme again. Electrolux EWFM is a series of front-loading washing machines with low water, energy and detergent consumption. A drying board and an extractable shelf are some of their characteristic features.

The Electrolux AWF range encompasses reliable front loaders with all the basic features, as well as several more upgraded options, like SuperQuick and AquaCare. Code Cause Solutions E10 The water tap is closed. The inlet hose is squashed or kinked. Check the inlet hose connection. The filter in the inlet hose is blocked.

Clean the water inlet hose filter. E20 The drain hose is squashed or kinked.

e21 code

Check the drain hose connection. The drain filter is clogged. Clean the drain filter. E40 The door has not been closed. Close the door firmly.Having seen this failure, immediately disconnect the Bosch washing machine from the mains. Only then call a specialist. Self-search for a problem solution, especially in a powered technique, increases the risk of electric shock. Error F21 in the Bosch washing machine may appear not only in the form of alpha-numeric code.

Often it occurs as a set of blinking indicators on a control panel. This happens because some models of Bosch washing machines are not equipped with a display. Thus, the F21 code cannot be shown. You can distinguish dozens of errors using the system of flashing indicators. Specialists do it even without thinking as they have a lot of experience with such devices. A user can also perform this following a special table of error codes.

In the picture below we prove how the F21 code is shown on the Bosch appliance without a display. The following stages happen. The washing machine freezes and stops responding to button presses.

E21 Error Code SOLVED!!! Frigidaire Front Load Washer Washing Machine E2I

Then, it turns the program selector knob. Three light bulbs begin to flash or blink at the same time revolutions, revolutions, and rinsing. Older devices perform spinning at eight hundred revolutions, the maximum. The error explanation is simple. But finding the reasons for its occurrence is quite complicated. Masters interpret the F21 error code the next way. There is no possibility to rotate the drum of the Bosch washing machine. In fact, the appliance tries to start the rotation several times.

And if it does not succeed, the code F21 appears on the control panel. So what causes the code appearance? There are no universal recipes for troubleshooting. Do it until you come across a breakdown. Most likely, you attempt to choose a different order, from simple to complicated.

Of course, it is quite reasonable. Then check the voltage in the mains and only then get into the case to test the engine and the Hall sensor. Many users get troubles obtaining access to the tacho sensor and the motor of the Bosch washing machine.

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How to get to these details? If you want to quickly remove the motor from the Bosch washing machine, do the following. Firstly, disconnect the terminals from it.

After this, unscrew the tightening bolts and press the body of the part. Slightly move it forward and pull down.

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The tacho sensor is located on the engine case, so remove it and carefully inspect. There may be marks of oxide and grease on the inner surface of the ring of the tacho-sensor. Remove it. Next, take the multimeter and check the Hall sensor. In case it turns out that the tachogenerator is burnt, you need to change the part immediately.

The problem with the brushes is the simplest thing that can happen to this part.Here is information that will assist you in identifying what may be making your Bosch washer display an error code.

Identifying what the error or fault code is will help you to repair your washer. The Bosch specific error fault codes below are to give you an idea as to what part is at fault. You may have to do further troubleshooting to find what may be causing the fault for that specific part.

Need assistance with finding an error code for your washer? Ask your question below and we will be happy to assist. Tagged as: boscherror codesfault codeswashing machine. What does this mean? I have a Bosch Series 6 Varioperfect washing machine brand new a year ago which flashes error code E and beeps on every setting and has locked with my clothes inside and does not start.

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes – How To Clear – What To Check

Any advice? Bosch Error E81 folowed by E My 2yo Bosch washing machine flashed this error and no one at the bosch helpline could tell me what it was. He is ordering sensors prior to coming out. Hope this helps anyone who is also searching this error very frustrating. I have problem with my washing machine waweu. When I start program I get 2 error codes E81 and E After that the machine works fine.

What does it mean? I have a Bosch front loader that occasionally shows a error code F Yes it understand that this could be a pump problem, can you advise if this could be a filter that allows drainage that is slowing the draining and if i can find a filter and clean it prior to getting a service person out?Having seen the e21 error code, we can confidently say that there are problems with the pump, although the type of the failure can be different.

The E21 error, having appeared on the display of the Bosch dishwasher, immediately paralyzes all the processes. Often the difficulty with an impeller rotating appears when there are hair or threads wounding the detail. It is important to remember that the E21 error appears in cases when the control module recognizes the pump and can control it, but due to a special algorithm, it understands that this part is not working in a proper way.

It is quite possible that water, passing through a clean filter once again, will penetrate the more difficult clog. If this does not happen, you need to remove the pump, located on the body of the circulation module. After, you need to remove dirt from the niche in which the pump was installed.

After cleaning and checking how the impeller rotates on the pump, you can collect the dishwasher. After removing the pump, you can see that the impeller is very worn out and cannot perform its function. This is one of the most noticeable breakages because a broken impeller can be easily recognized due to its damaged blades. The impeller located on the pumps of the Bosch dishwashers is removable. So it is quite possible to change it. Sometimes the impeller blades are not affected at all, but they are wrapped with a whole skein of some threads and hair mixed with compressed food remnants.

Under such conditions, the impeller cannot work properly, so it must be cleaned. As soon as the cleaning is completed, safely collect the dishwasher and run it again. Repair specialists note the lack of grease in modern pumps, or rather in its rotors. Poorly greased rotor begins to wedge and rotate badly after a while, which in turn causes the E21 error.

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